2021 Student Ambassador Team

Meet the 2021 StudyAdelaide Student Ambassador team! Their role is to help you get the most from your Adelaide experience. Some day soon there will be opportunities to meet these passionate people in person.

Read on to learn more about where they’re from, what they’re studying, and the special ‘Adelaide’ advice they’d like to share.

2021 StudyAdelaide student ambassador team
Last Updated Tuesday 19th March, 2024

Onshore Ambassadors

Asirah Abdul Kadir | Chaoyong (Jerome) Huang | Inez Marcia | Jia Qi (Aprille) Chua | Kai Sin (Casey) Tam | Kiattisak (Zag) Phimsorn | Maria Camila Gonzalez Davila | Ngoc Thuy Linh Vo | Terin Tom Chacko | Tinashe S Majuru Nyarusara | Vrinda Bhutani | Yeganeh Soltanpour

Offshore Ambassadors

Alexandra Feilicia Joe | Chaoxiang Zhang | Janageeth Logeswaran | Janya Cariappa | Ning (Sophia) Yang | Xinyu Du

Onshore Ambassadors

Asirah Abdul Kadir
Malaysia, The University of Adelaide

Hello! My name is Asirah and I am from Malaysia. I am currently in my second year of law school at the University of Adelaide.

A quote by George Harrison truly resonates with me and I think it would resonate with you too - it goes, "but there's a time when people grow and they leave home and they go for a change".

One good piece of advice that I'll share with you is that it'll be a lot easier to navigate yourself in a new city when you're not afraid to ask for help!

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Chaoyong (Jerome) Huang
China, The University of Adelaide

Nǐ hǎo! I am Chaoyong (Jerome) Huang from China. I'm studying a double degree of Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Computer Science at The University of Adelaide. 

As an enthusiastic, self-motivated person, I am always looking for opportunities to challenge myself and explore different new things. 

When asked to describe myself, two things will always come to my mind: food and sport.

If you see me running on campus, I am either rushing to the gym to secure my spot or on my way to buy those last few half-price noodle bowls at Hub Central. 

One piece of advice I would give to students is to seize every opportunity and embrace the challenges, you only live once :)

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Inez Marcia
Indonesia, Kaplan Business School

Salam kenal! My name is Inez Marcia and I am from Indonesia. 

Since moving to Adelaide, I’ve met many amazing people from different cultures and backgrounds, experienced a sense of belonging and community while taking the time to fully understand my passion and purpose in life. 

With this opportunity of being a student ambassador, I would love to share those experiences and start a new journey with all of you! 

I always live by this quote by Milton Berle, "If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door." 

Believe in yourself because everything you need is already inside you so get yourself out there and make the most out of your time here in Adelaide!

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Aprille Chua from the University of South Australia

Jia Qi (Aprille) Chua
Singapore, University of South Australia

Hi all! I’m Aprille from Singapore. I have arrived in Adelaide last year to pursue a research degree in designing for health and wellbeing. 

What I am loving about Adelaide is its nature, clear blue sky and the daily gorgeous sunset at the beach! 

Studying in Adelaide has been a fulfilling journey for me as I get to invest more time on developing my personal growth and meeting wonderful people who inspire me with their stories. 

The peaceful city also creates a zest of life for me to practice my stretch (anywhere that I could explore!) as I love what I am doing on top of my research work! 

As a student ambassador, I'd love to connect and bring people together (in-person and virtually), build meaningful experiences that may inspire them and share useful and timely information/ resources with people.

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Kai Sin (Casey) Tam
Hong Kong SAR, University of South Australia

Hi! I’m Casey Tam from Hong Kong. I am currently studying Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) in University of South Australia.

I like playing the guitar, bouldering and sometimes just relaxing by the sea in my free time.

2020 had been a difficult year, my advice to our fellow students is to go out and explore Adelaide, such as the vibrant festivals and beautiful nature.

You will be surprised by what Adelaide has to offer right here, right now.

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Kiattisak (Zag) Phimsorn
Thailand, TAFE SA

I’m Zag from Thailand, studying here in Adelaide – The City of Festivals.

Life has been so good and exciting, living in one of the most liveable cities in Australia meeting with new people from all different cultures.

Travel is in my blood, so South Australia is perfect with several great attractions to visit, from German town in the hills, nice beaches, to beautiful wineries and Kangaroo Island.

Local people here are nice and welcoming too.

As a StudyAdelaide Ambassador, its position gives me a big opportunity to share my knowledge, talents and experiences with new students.

My motto is “Victory loves preparation.”

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Maria Camila Gonzalez Davila
Colombia, University of South Australia

Hola, guys! My name is Camila, and I’m a Colombian girl who loves cats.

I’ve been in Adelaide long enough to say that I love being a student in Adelaide, because it has the friendliest people and the most amazing natural places.

As a StudyAdelaide Ambassador I’m looking forward to meeting people from different cultures and helping international students enjoy their time in Adelaide.

I know that staying in a new country far away from your family and friends can be a bit overwhelming - it was for me.

But we are in Adelaide trying to achieve our dreams, so my best advice to you is to follow your dreams and goals and not hesitate to get them.

You’ll be surprised what you can do as an international student.

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Ngoc Thuy Linh Vo
Vietnam, The University of Adelaide

Heyoo! I’m Linh, coming from Vietnam.

After spending 4 years living and studying in Adelaide, this lovely city has become my second home.

Adelaide is an amazing city with friendly and welcoming people. I have gotten a chance to explore many different cultures, and make friends coming from all over the world.

Moving to a new city can be a bit challenging at the beginning, but it will be a unique memory and a rewarding journey too!

As a StudyAdelaide Ambassador, we are here to help, and I will be more than happy to be one of your first connections in Adelaide.

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Terin Tom Chacko
India, The University of Adelaide

Hey!! My name is Terin Tom Chacko. I am from India but born and brought up in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

I have experience working in the field of Electrical Engineering and Project Management for over 5 years.

I am currently studying Master of Electrical Engineering at The University of Adelaide.

My hobbies are watching anime, playing PC games, chess, reading fantasy books, volleyball and swimming.

I am also involved in volunteering and giving back to the community.

A bit of advice I would give students is that, "Don't be afraid to ask questions; Asking questions shows that you are keen to learn, and you never know, you could make friends just by asking questions and finding someone who has the same questions like you do".

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Tinashe S Majuru Nyarusara
Zimbabwe, The University of Adelaide

Hesi! My name is Tinashe.;

Adelaide is a marvelous environment offering several exciting opportunities and escapades.

l have had the opportunity to interact with a lot of lovely and interesting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Moving to a new place can be daunting and challenging.

My tip for international students is to engage in a lot of various activities held around Adelaide.

This will help you build friends, networks and have fun along the way.

Adelaide is a beautiful place with so many multicultural events and fantastic festivals held throughout the year.

So, as Nike’s iconic slogan goes, "JUST DO IT."

Go out there and interact with the warm friendly locals.

Explore the breathtaking scenery Adelaide has to offer and if you see me around, come say hello.

I will be very delighted to get to know you, listen to your stories, experiences and support you along the way.

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Vrinda Bhutani
India, Flinders University

I am Vrinda Bhutani from India, currently studying bachelor's degree in Finance and Economics in Flinders University.

I am very passionate about acting, singing and performing and have joined a University acapella group in Adelaide.

I love to paint too and am very enthusiastic about protecting the environment.

I am a very calm, patient, and cheerful person and want to make this world a peaceful place too.

As an ambassador, i want to bring smile on people's faces and bring positive differences in someone's life.

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Yeganeh Soltanpour
Iran, Flinders University

Hey there! my name is Yeganeh, and I go by 'Yegs' for short.

I’m a student at Flinders University studying an Honours Degree in Psychology (unfortunately… I can’t read minds…yet), but I love how my degree will one day allow me to positively influence people’s lives. 

I’m from Iran and The United Arab Emirates, (or Dubai if you were trying to figure out where that is).

I’m a part time Olympic Weightlifter and have an unhealthy obsession with house plants.

I own about 253 plants now…which has probably increased by the time you’ve read this.

I have one quote that I always recite when I need to, which is really relevant as an international student that goes, “You’ve had the courage to start, and that courage? It’ll make you succeed” – my mom.

So, every time you find yourself in a tough spot, remember how much courage you’ve have to start education in a new country, speaking a new language, doing things that may have scared you, and that courage will get you places.

Offshore Ambassadors

Alexandra Feilicia Joe
Indonesia, UniSA

Hey there, I’m Alexandra from Indonesia! I’ve been living in Malaysia for the past 8 years and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Social work. I am an offshore student studying at the University of South Australia (online). It’s my first year so things can get quite hectic!

I have always envisioned myself working with people, so discovering Social Work was definitely an eyeopener. I hope that by taking my time to study this degree, I can learn new skills and enter the workforce with confidence.

A tip for new offshore students: break your assignments down! Set goals so that you don’t stress yourself out. For example, write 200 words on Monday, 350 words on Wednesday and so on. It might sound like a lot but start by writing a few sentences to get that vibe going.

Good luck!  I wish you guys all the best :D

Chaoxiang Zhang
China, University of Adelaide

Greetings, my name is Chaoxiang Zhang. You can call me Trinity.  I am studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Adelaide and I’m currently in my first year, majoring in media with a linguistics minor My first language is Chinese and my second foreign language is Japanese.

I love to make friends because I am glad to accept different values and cultures in my life. My favourite sports are football, swimming, skateboarding and Kendo. And I am willing to try new things all the time. Every day I go to the gym to work out so that I will be in a good mood to study. Out of study I play Nintendo switch and watch animes.

Although I am now studying offshore because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I would still like to make friends with you. I hope the student ambassador opportunity will help me build good connections in Adelaide.

Janageeth Logeswaran
Sri Lanka, Flinders University

Hi! My name is Janageeth and I’m from Sri Lanka. I am studying a Bachelor or Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) (Honours) online and offshore due to the global pandemic. My career aspiration is to become an entrepreneur in the Artificial Intelligence field and contribute to a better tomorrow.

When I am not studying I like to listen to music or read books and some of my favourite books are “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek, “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell and “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green.

My advice for students studying online is be determined to be focused and take short breaks whenever you feel exhausted.

I look forward to meeting you and a kangaroo when I come to Australia.

Janya Cariappa
India, UniSA

Hi! I am Janya Cariappa, currently an offshore international student from India. I study Social Science (Human Services) and Psychology at UniSA (online).

Even though I’m not in currently in Adelaide, I have been able to make many friends by attending StudyAdelaide events.

As an offshore StudyAdelaide ambassador, I hope to continue meeting new people and having a good time.

My advice to fellow offshore students is to get involved outside of your academic study as much as possible, and have fun!

Ning (Sophia) Yang 
China, Flinders University

Hey guys! I am Sophia Yang from China. I am studying Master of Social Work at Flinders University (online).

I am enthusiastic about skating (roller skating and skating on the ice), skiing and snowboarding. I look forward to doing these sports with you if you have the same interests!

Adelaide has been voted one of the most liveable cities in the world. It is also a friendly city. You are likely to be greeted by strangers on the street at any time of day. As for leisure, Mount Lofty, Windy Point, and Glenelg are all great places to visit in your spare time.

You will love Adelaide. It really is a lovely city. And while studying and living in a new place can be difficult, once you settle in there are many wonderful things waiting for you to discover.  As a student ambassador, I will be delighted to share my experience of studying and living in Adelaide with you. I look forward to seeing you online and in face-to-face activities.  =)

Xinyu Du
China, UniSA

Ni Hao! I am Xinyu Du from China. You can also call me Cindi. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (honours) at the University of South Australia online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is an honour to be a student ambassador with StudyAdelaide! I lived in Adelaide for five years and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

While lots of things have changed in recent years this quote by Jack Welch, ‘When there’s change, there’s an opportunity', inspires me to think of this is an exciting opportunity to share experiences and start a new journey online with all of you from all over the world. I look forward to meeting you online.

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