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Need help with student accommodation in Adelaide? StudyAdelaide's student accommodation advisory is the first of its kind in Australia.

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StudyAdelaide's Student Accommodation Advisory Service for international students in Adelaide
Last Updated Wednesday 20th December, 2023

Finding the right accommodation for you is important and everyone’s needs are different. 

That is why StudyAdelaide have launched a Student Accommodation Advisory Service to support you. Commencing on 2 January 2024 the Student Accommodation Advisory Service will help you understand the rental/accommodation market in Adelaide, understand the different options available and evaluate the pros and cons of each. 

They will also help you understand what is and isn’t included in your rent and how to budget for housing expenses.

There are two ways of connecting with our advisors:

How can the advisors help?

Housing search assistance

Our advisors can help you understand the accommodation options available to students in Adelaide including average rent for each type of accommodation and how to apply for accommodation. 

You can learn the pros and cons for each option that will help you make an informed decision.

Budgeting advice

Our advisors can help you understand the average housing expenses fand additional costs you should consider with your accommodation. You can also receive a budget template to help you plan your costs.

Rental Market Overview

Learn about the rental market in Adelaide, and how it works in Australia. This will help you understand the time frames needed to secure your own private rental, documents required and how to best represent yourself to future landlords.

Legal and Contractual Guidance

Our advisors will direct you to free services that can assist you with any contract questions or concerns. There are a number of free services in Adelaide that can assist students.


Our advisors can connect you with the range of services and tools to support your accommodation enquiries, advise students of their tenancy rights and what’s expected by landlords and connect students to pre-existing accommodation support provided by their institution

Temporary Accommodation

If you’re looking for short term temporary accommodation when you arrive in Adelaide, our advisors will provide you with a range of temporary accommodation options to consider prior to departing your home country.

Suburb and Location Information

If you’re trying to understand the best suburbs to look for accommodation in that will link you to your campus via public transport, our advisors can help.

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