Sai: Studying business in a culture of enterprise

After establishing himself as a successful engineer in India, Sai wanted to further his business skills by completing a Master of Business Administration. While looking at study options across the globe, Sai came across Flinders University and the New Venture Institute and decided Adelaide was the perfect place to further his studies.

International student Sai from India
Last Updated Tuesday 19th March, 2024

How did you feel when you first arrived in Adelaide?

I was a little apprehensive, as it was the first time I’d ever traveled abroad, but that didn’t last long.
The people of Adelaide are really welcoming and helpful. People smile at you all the time and are always willing to have a chat. I’ve even had bus drivers go out of their way to guide me across the city.

Why did you choose to study at Flinders University?

I chose Flinders because they are quite serious about encouraging and supporting start-up culture. They have a start-up incubator at the New Venture Institute (NVI) and their incubator program is ranked number one in the Asia Pacific. Their MBA is also accredited by the Association of MBAs, so I knew it was a world-class degree. At first, I was looking across Europe, the UK and other Australian cities, but once I found out about the NVI at Flinders, I didn’t look anywhere else. I knew Adelaide was the right place for me.

How did you find the classroom experience?

The cohort is truly diverse with people from all walks of life which makes a great classroom environment. You get lots of new perspectives and insights from your classmates from all over the world. Also, the quality of education is top-notch, and the teachers are highly qualified. They have vast experience in their chosen fields and bring a wealth of knowledge into the classroom. They are very inline and in touch with the industry and have designed the whole curriculum accordingly.

Why did you choose to study for an MBA?

I had established a successful business in India, but I felt I needed more knowledge about running a business. As an engineer, I knew all of the technical things, but I couldn’t speak like a businessman and was making a lot of mistakes. I wanted to learn how to be better at pitching to clients and managing people. I have a lot of ideas, and my degree is teaching me how to turn those ideas into business opportunities to pitch to investors.

What would you say to people thinking about coming to Adelaide to study?

Oh, I would highly recommend it. I would say come here with an open mind and have fun. You can explore the city and the beaches; Henley Beach is my favourite place. It’s a big thing to study abroad, so make sure you focus on your studies, but have fun at the same time.

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