Puiyee: Many opportunities for nursing students

Puiyee came to Adelaide from Hong Kong to study at The University of Adelaide College as a pathway into a Bachelor of Nursing. She then studied at The University of Adelaide where she loved getting real-world experience through clinical placements. 

Puiyee chose Adelaide because of its reputation for being affordable, natural beauty, beaches and career opportunities for health professionals.

We spoke to Puiyee about what it’s like to study, live and volunteer in Adelaide.

International student Puiyee from Hong Kong SAR
Last Updated Tuesday 19th March, 2024

How did completing your foundation studies help with the transition to university studies?

Some of the subjects from the Foundation Studies Program have definitely helped. I studied critical thinking, which was new for me, but it’s an important skill for nursing. Also, at The University of Adelaide College, they launched a lunchtime program for future nursing students, where we could practice our English skills. It gave us time to get to know who else was going into nursing. So when we started our university course, we already had a support network of fellow students.

Why did you want to study nursing?

Because I love interacting with people. I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was a child. We can contribute to society and help people who are suffering and sick.

Tell us about the nursing placements you’ve completed as part of your studies.

I love placements because they give me experience in the real world and the confidence and competency to take my knowledge and apply it to real-life nursing. I’m grateful to my university who organised my placements across different fields so I could explore various types of nursing. 

I’ve had placements at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Lyell McEwin Hospital and also at a rural hospital.

Have your placements helped you decide what field of nursing you’d like to work in?

I went to an operating theatre and watched many surgeries, which was eye-opening for me. This made me want to work in a surgical ward or even a stroke ward. I had experience in both through my placements. There are so many fields of nursing.

How do you feel about studying nursing in Adelaide?

I loved studying nursing at The University of Adelaide. Especially with the new Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building. If you want to be a nurse or doctor, it’s very good to study in Adelaide because there are a lot of resources available to you. And the Royal Adelaide Hospital is one of the best in Australia. There are a lot of opportunities here.

What do you like about studying in Adelaide?

Maybe it’s the environment or the way we study. In Adelaide, we focus on our own grade, and I find the lecturers quite supportive. If you’re unsure, you can send them an email with your concerns, and they will help you.

You’ve done a lot of volunteering in Adelaide. Tell us about that.

I started volunteering because I wanted to meet new friends. My first volunteering role was at the Art Gallery of South Australia, where I worked in The Studio. I would greet visitors and introduce them to the artwork we were creating. I especially liked when children would show me their art, and I could chat with their families. 

I’m was also a peer mentor at my university. I helped new students by answering their questions and guiding them as they settle into university life. And I volunteer at the City of Adelaide as a Community Resilience Leader. 

Volunteering is fantastic because it’s helped to boost my confidence and ability to connect and socialise with other people. It’s also given me the chance to get to know more about local life and feel more socially included.

How do you find the lifestyle in Adelaide?

I enjoy living here in this quiet and peaceful environment. I love to go to Cleland Wildlife Park, where I got to hold a koala. They’re so heavy! I go a few times a year. 

I also go to Belair National Park, and I love all the beaches.

What would you say to other Hong Kong students thinking about studying in Adelaide?

Don’t panic about social connections. You can meet people through your university by participating in different programs and volunteer work. There’s so much you can be part of in Adelaide.

By participating and joining in, you’ll meet a lot of people.

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