2019 StudyAdelaide Student Ambassador Team

Our StudyAdelaide international student ambassadors are here to make sure you get the most from your Adelaide experience by providing insight into what studying in Adelaide is really like. Read on learn more about where they’re from, what they’re studying, and some tips and advice they have for you.

The 2019 StudyAdelaide student ambassador group

Our StudyAdelaide international student ambassadors are here to make sure you get the most from your Adelaide experience by providing insight into what studying in Adelaide is really like. Read on learn more about where they’re from, what they’re studying, and some tips and advice they have for you.

Daniel Kiprop
Diploma of Nursing, TAFE SA

Jambo! I am Daniel Kiprop from Kenya, and I love the food and bar culture in Adelaide. There are so many restaurants here with various cuisines to try. If you are a student in Adelaide, make the most of your time here and enjoy every opportunity to travel and discover more of Adelaide!

Gregory Low Wei Liang
Master of Psychology (Health), The University of Adelaide

Hello! My name is Gregory and I’m from Singapore. I understand the importance of fostering the well-being of international students, who face immense challenges relocating to a foreign place, and want to contribute my skills and time to promote and ensure positive experiences. If there something you are unsure of, ask! Australians are very friendly and helpful people.

Haries Salim
Master of Business Administration, The University of Adelaide

Halo! My name is Haries Salim from Indonesia. Living in Adelaide has made me respect other cultures more as Aussie culture embraces mutual respect, tolerance and speaking one’s mind. I recommend all international students to mingle with domestic and international students from other countries. It will give you a chance to look at things from another perspective, improve confidence and communication skills.

Ka Shun Thomas Tam
Bachelor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The University of Adelaide
Hong Kong SAR

Nei ho! I’m Ka Shun Thomas Tam from Hong Kong. I would like to help other international students especially the new comers by sharing my experience when I was a newbie. I am in love with the diverse culture that Adelaide has to offer. I always learn something new every day just by chatting with different people while in the cafe or in the bus. I broke free from the confined walls that I build for myself and discovered that there were no limits in the first place.

Marina T Dias
Master of Accounting, Kaplan Business School

Oi! I am Marina T Dias from Brazil. I have been travelling and living overseas for about 10 years and I am aware of the mixed feelings that a new environment brings. I applied for the ambassador position to connect with different people and to be able to help new students through their journey. To all new international students, don’t be shy to express yourself and be patient. Friends and colleagues will for sure make your journey smooth and comfortable!

Mauricio Cruz
Master of Wine Business, The University of Adelaide

Hola! My name is Mauricio Cruz from Mexico City. I am having great experiences everyday in Adelaide and I would like to help my mates to enjoy their experience of studying abroad as much as I am. My English skills have improved significantly, and the understanding of different cultures has broadened after I arrived here. Adelaide is the best place for students – you will always find something interesting to do!

Muhammad Zairee Izwan bin Zahir
Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science, University of South Australia

Hello! I am Muhammad Zairee Izwan bin Zahir from Malaysia and you can call me Zairee. Being a student ambassador for StudyAdelaide will allow me to help a bigger demographic as I feel international students should make the most out of their stay in Adelaide. Being a foodie, I have to recommend Nava Uyghur Cuisine as one of the best dine in experience that I had in Adelaide. This city has a lot to offer so go out there and talk to the locals; they are always up for a great conversation!

Olamide Hazeez
International Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management, University of South Australia

Bawo ni! I am Olamide Hazeez from Nigeria. I applied to be a StudyAdelaide Ambassador to meet new people, share experiences and explore Adelaide. I want to help new or prospective students discover why Adelaide is a great education destination for international students. The Australian slang is one of the things fascinating to me and I have been able to learn them in no time!

Phuong Dinh
Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management), University of South Australia

Xin chào! I am Phuong Dinh from Vietnam. Adelaide has been a wonderful city for me to study, make good friends, and to grow and mature personally. I enjoy sharing my experiences with others about how I have overcome many difficulties such as language barrier, homesickness, and adapting to new environments and cultures. I also love building great relationships with people from different backgrounds. I applied for StudyAdelaide Ambassador Program because it gives me the perfect opportunity to do what I love while helping other international students to make the most of their time in Adelaide.

Reinhardt Mascarenhas
Master of Business Administration (Marketing), University of South Australia

Hello! I am Reinhardt Mascarenhas from India. I am enthralled by the opportunity to meet many international students and enrich each other’s lifestyle through sharing ideas and activities in Adelaide. After spending time as a student, I have been able to improve my networking skills. I think I have started turning into an ‘Adelaidian’ as I have fallen in love with the footy culture and cheering for Adelaide crows! Being yourself and connecting to people from various backgrounds will help all the internationals create a home away from home.

Rui Zhou
Master of Social Work, Flinders University

Nǐ hǎo! I am Rui Zhou and you can call me Rui. I am from China and as an international student, I understand how moving to a new place can be an overwhelming but exhilarating experience. Being a StudyAdelaide Ambassador is an opportunity to meet and help international students to create a great living experience. I hope all international students can embrace new beginnings, new people, new energy, new surroundings and new chances at happiness in Adelaide.

Rucha Raval
Master of Social Work, Flinders University

Hello! I am Rucha Raval and I am an international student from India. Adelaide has been extremely friendly and welcoming to me that I feel I belong here. The opportunities discovered here, and the warmth of the people makes it a perfect combination of a city and a town. I have grown so much professionally and personally after I started my journey in Australia. I want to bring my knowledge and skills that I have developed here to other students through StudyAdelaide to ease their way into settling in Adelaide.

Santhni Subramaniam
PhD in Pharmaceutical Science, University of South Australia

Hello! I am Santhni Subramaniam from Malaysia. Adelaide truly is a melting pot of culture and I cherish the friendships I have made with people from all around the world here. I would like to share my amazing Adelaide experience with new international students and help them realize the opportunities this city has for them. I also love the laid-back culture and relaxed environment here, which makes it an ideal city for students. A shout out to all the international students: this world is your oyster, be bold in taking up the opportunities that come your way!

Virroshan Kumar
Certificate IV in Programming, TAFE SA

Vannakam! I am Virroshan Kumar from Malaysia! I wanted to give myself a unique experience and create long-lasting memories, so being a part of StudyAdelaide’s Ambassador team has given me that chance. Aussie culture is friendly and easy going, making it comfortable to talk to the locals. Allow yourself to push your boundaries, meet new people and let experiences be built. Your attitude determines your experience, always look on the bright side of things!

Xiayi Wang (Ashley)
Master of Social Work, University of South Australia

Nǐ hǎo! I am Xiayi Wang (Ashley) from China. Though this is only my second year here in Adelaide, I am so in love with the city and I am keen to share the beauty and it’s amazing-ness with all international students. I want to be a friendly face for international students to help them settle in and enjoy their life. With StudyAdelaide, I am looking forward to getting involved with student activities which will allow all of us to come together, and making lifelong friends.

Xinyu Du (Cindi)
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Honours), University of South Australia

Nǐ hǎo! My name is Xinyu Du and you can call me Cindi. I come from China and have been studying in Adelaide for the past three years. I would like to be ambassador for Adelaide as it is a friendly and harmonious city and helps international students to discover new things. Like a true ‘Aussie’, my favourite breakkieis vegemite and butter on toast! You will find an unexpected beauty at every street and will be given opportunities like never by taking up your advanced study in Adelaide. It is waiting for you to discover the charm its going to bring in your life!

Zixin (Elma)
Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Science, The University of Adelaide

Nǐ hǎo! I am Zixin from China. You can also call me Elma. I love to make new friends and listen to the stories of people from different backgrounds. Being a StudyAdelaide Ambassador will be a great opportunity for me to build more connections and forge the friendships that is worth treasuring for life. Learning the art of conversation has been my greatest lesson as it aided me to form huge network of friends from all over the world. To all the international students, I would advise you to balance your social life with your study and I guarantee you will have a memorable time in Adelaide.

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