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Step into the empowering world of Seymour College, where we cultivate the next generation of resilient young women primed to embrace global challenges. Situated in the vibrant landscape of Adelaide, South Australia, our secure 25-acre campus offers a nurturing environment within easy reach of the city centre. At Seymour, our vision is clear: to develop women of strength, optimism and justice, confident for the future. We achieve this by unlocking the unique passions of each student, inspiring them to grow through every learning opportunity and see them emerge as confident, purpose-driven individuals with a strong sense of community. 

At Seymour College, excellence is not just a goal, but a standard we proudly uphold. In our latest academic achievements, an astounding 29% of our SACE students soared to new heights, securing an ATAR of 95 or higher, with an impressive 6% achieving an ATAR of 99 or higher. However, our commitment extends far beyond academic achievement. Seymour College strives for complete achievement, cultivating well-rounded individuals who excel academically, develop a sense of responsibility and contribution to society. 

From enriching co-curricular activities in academics, sports, arts and community engagement, Seymour provides a well-rounded experience that prepares students for success in a rapidly evolving world. For our International students, Seymour offers a tailored educational journey that includes comprehensive English language acquisition programs. We are deeply committed to the academic success and wellbeing of every student, providing the necessary support networks and immersive experiences to facilitate a seamless transition into our community. We prioritise holistic wellbeing programs and dedicated staff support to ensure our students thrive in every aspect of their lives. 

Whether students join us from the outset or at later stages of their educational journey, we welcome them with open arms and provide the resources they need to succeed. We encourage early enrolment to ensure ample time for adjustment to the Australian lifestyle and educational system, as well as language development, setting the stage for a successful academic career at Seymour College. Come and discover your place in our vibrant community, where every student is empowered to thrive and succeed.

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