Flinders University Academy

Flinders University Academy is a brand-new pathway division who is wholly owned by Flinders University.

The Academy offers competitive and high quality pathway courses to students who seek alternative pathway to enter Flinders University.

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Contact Number
+61 1300 195 623


CRICOS Provider Number

Why Flinders University Academy?

Flinders University Academy offers unparalleled advantages that no other pathway providers could match. The Academy offers:

  • Wholly owned by Flinders University
  • Guaranteed teaching quality
  • Central location on Flinders University Bedford Park campus
  • Flinders University experience from Day 1
  • Tailored courses for success at Flinders University
  • One CRICOS code for streamlined visa application
  • Seamless transition to destination degree
  • Cost effective
  • Generous scholarships


Flinders University Academy is situated on Flinders University’s Bedford Park campus. Academy students are in fact the University’s students from day 1. They enjoy the same facility, same student system, and same level support services as any other international students at Flinders University. The Academy is proud of the true university experience that we have to offer to students. In 2024, some of the Academy’s courses will be delivered at Flinders University’s brand-new Adelaide city campus.


Flinders University Academy