Salina: Finding independence in accessible Adelaide

As a person with a disability, Salina knew she needed to find a place to study that offered both a world-class education and an accessible lifestyle to help her live independently. We spoke to Salina to find out why she chose Adelaide, and how her South Australian education has made her more confident and ready for future career success.

International student Salina from Nepal

Why did you choose to study in Adelaide?

I chose Adelaide because it seemed far more convenient and comfortable than other cities. This was especially important to me as I have a vision impairment. Everyday life here is convenient and accessible, and the university rankings are impressive. I contacted my university before I applied, and I was extremely happy with the responses I got from the course coordinators.

How have you found everyday life in Adelaide?

When I first landed in Adelaide, I felt like it was home. I’ve been warmly welcomed by strangers and people will greet you as you walk or travel on public transport. I feel comfortable that I can get around and easily manage my daily life as the city is open and not overcrowded like I have heard about Sydney and Melbourne. I have been happily surprised at how helpful strangers have been when they see me struggle a little. I feel safe and confident here.

Tell us how your work placements and volunteering activities have helped you.

As part of my studies, I’ve completed 500 hours of a social work placement at Southern Cross Care. This work was directly relevant to my learning goals and gave me an excellent insight into working in the industry. I’m now doing another social work placement with the Salvation Army. I’ve also volunteered for many projects at my university and with other organisations like StudyAdelaide. My placements and volunteer work have given me the chance to attend many events and programs and to make new friends from various social and cultural backgrounds. These experiences have helped me become a stronger and more confident person, both professionally and personally.

How has studying in Adelaide prepared you for your future career?

The experience of living independently and studying in Adelaide has taught me life skills and established a habit of self-reflection, which will help me in all aspects of life. I now have a deep understanding of my industry and how to best prepare myself for my career. I’ve built strong relationships and networks which will be an asset for me as I go along my professional path in the years to come.

What would you say to students thinking about coming to Adelaide to study?

Come with an open mind and embrace the beauty of multiculturalism that Adelaide offers. There are many opportunities here for students with a disability like myself. Adelaide is a safe study destination and the perfect place to pursue your studies.

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