Koshi: A love for the arts leads to Adelaide

High school student Koshi has always had a love for the arts, which is why he chose to spend a year studying at Charles Campbell College

International student Koshi from Japan
Last Updated Monday 26th February, 2024

Just three weeks after leaving Tokyo and commencing study at Charles Campbell College (An SA Government School), Koshi was in the school’s Adelaide Fringe performance, and starred in the whole school production of the Wizard of Oz.  Koshi (pictured top left) says he chose to come to Adelaide to study dance because of South Australia’s reputation for being an arts capital with vibrant creative industries

“Because Adelaide is famous for the arts, I was looking forward to learning dance here,” he said. “Charles Campbell is a really good arts school in Adelaide, therefore I decided to do artistic subjects because I wanted to study what I cannot learn in Japan.”

Outside of the classroom, Koshi networked within the artistic community while he was in Adelaide; working with famous dance choreographers ad companies, and taking part in the Fringe Art Festival.

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