Huy Le: Securing a graduate role after studies

After graduation, Huy Le became a valuable member of the team at local engineering firm Wallbridge Gillbert Aztec.

International student Huy Le from Vietnam
Last Updated Tuesday 19th March, 2024

Adelaide based Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec (WGA) is an engineering consultancy firm specialising in structural, civil and mechanical engineering. WGA was established over 30 years ago in Adelaide and employs 270 staff across Australia.

Huy Le landed graduate job in Adelaide  working at WGA as a graduate engineer in 2017.  He secured the position after completing his Engineering degree in Adelaide as an international student at the University of South Australia.

Nathan Silby, Director and Senior Civil Engineer at WGA recruited Huy, ‘We always try to employ the best person for the role and they must fit into our company. He just seemed like the right fit for our role.”

Beyond a strong technical ability, Huy contributes to the business through his understanding of WGA clients that come from different cultures.

Talking about the perception that there can be extra HR processes when employing an international student Nathan said ‘We found it extremely easy, Huy was well briefed on what he needed to do, and in reality it was no different to employing a candidate that was raised in Australia’.

Watch the video of how a local business in Adelaide is embracing international students. 

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