Eddy Jo: The best homestay in Adelaide

Eddy Jo says he’s living in Adelaide's best homestay with a family who has influenced him in a very good way. He came to Adelaide from South Korea to study at a Glenunga International High School—one of the South Australian Government Schools. 

With a supportive local family and teachers who look out for his wellbeing, Eddy feels blessed to studying abroad in Adelaide.

We spoke with Eddy about high school life in Adelaide.

International student Eddy Jo from South Korea
Last Updated Tuesday 19th March, 2024

Tell us how you came to study at a high school in Adelaide.

I always wanted to study abroad since I was very little. At first, my parents said not until university. But they saw it as an opportunity for me to get independence and broaden my horizons, so they wanted to support me.

Honestly, I’d never heard of Adelaide until one of my mum’s friends told me about it. She used to study here and told mum Adelaide is a nice place to learn. I think that helped my parents feel comfortable letting me go to Australia.

Tell us what it’s like living in a homestay?

I genuinely think I’m living in the best homestay in Adelaide! I live with a Korean homestay family and we often go for walks at night, go to the beach, and travel. There are the mother and her son, plus three other international students. They’re very nice and all like new brothers to me.

The family has influenced me in a very good way. My homestay brother is very smart. He used to be a lawyer and helps me with study stuff. They’re all good people who support me a lot. Not only with school and social stuff, but also with my future career pathway. They are like my family, and I really appreciate them and their support.

You studied at a South Australian Government School. Why did you choose your school?

I heard that my school, Glenunga International High School, is one of the best local high schools in Adelaide, and that there were lots international students there. When I arrived, they assigned me to an Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC). It became like a home group for international students for the first six months. I enjoyed it a lot.

What was it like settling into your new high school in Adelaide?

My school helped me to adjust to my new environment. There are teachers who look after the international students in our school. We could chat with them about stuff like how our study is going or anything they can do to help.

At first, it took time to get to know people outside of my ISEC class. But after about six months I started to make lots of friends. I played sports like basketball and soccer, which definitely helped with making new friends.

I felt very welcomed studying at my school. I appreciated their efforts to help make international students feel secure.

What was your favourite subject at school?

I would say maths is my favourite subject. Back in Korea, maths is all about repeating and memorising stuff, but here you’ve got to think about it more. It’s completely different in Korea. I’m enjoying studying maths here.

Tell us about the vocational course you studied as part of your SACE.

I did a VET course as part of my South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). It’s a course in medical business administration which I study at the Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT). It’s a 3-hour class after school and is quite different to the typical school day. It definitely helped me prepare for university life.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to go to the beach with friends. We went to Glenelg last week to chill and swim and go snorkelling. I recently bought a car, so I can go for drives where I want.

What would you say to students thinking of coming to Adelaide to study?

If you want to focus on your study or want a safe place to live, you should come to Adelaide. It’s a good place to live. Even if you’re not studying, it’s very safe. I feel very blessed and lucky to be in this position. When I get older and look back, coming to Adelaide will be one of the best decisions in my entire life.

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