Getting around Adelaide is easy and affordable, thanks to a variety of transportation options available to students.

Almost 4,000 students choose to live in and around the Adelaide city centre. With most campuses located in the city, you’ll find it easy to get to and from your classes by walking, riding your bike or catching the free inner-city tram or bus. International students get access to the same extensive discounts on public transport as local students.

Public Transport

It is easy to get around the city and suburbs with Adelaide’s public transport system - Adelaide Metro. It’s safe and includes:

  • Extensive bus, tram and train networks servicing the entire Adelaide metropolitan area
  • Discounted tickets for international students
  • Free buses and trams in Adelaide’s city centre
  • Frequent daytime services and safe after-midnight services
  • Availability of taxi and ride-sharing services

The best and most affordable way to use Adelaide’s public transport system is to use a MetroCARD which you can recharge online, or at a variety of shops. Learn more about Adelaide’s public transport.

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Walking and Cycling

With broad, flat streets and extensive bike paths, cycling (and walking) around Adelaide is convenient and safe. When you explore Adelaide by bike, you’ll enjoy:

  • Dedicated bike lanes on many city and suburban streets
  • Bike pumps and repair stations located in the city, which you can use for free
  • Plenty of free bicycle parking around the city
  • A network of bike paths weaving through the Adelaide Parklands and to many inner-city suburbs

You can also hire a free bike from Adelaide Free Bikes (including a bicycle helmet, which must be worn when you’re cycling in South Australia).

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If you live far from the city, you could get around Adelaide by driving. Whether you buy a car for permanent use or rent a car for the occasional road trip, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with South Australian road rules.

In most cases, you can use your driver’s licence from your home country to drive in South Australia. However, you’ll have to make sure you have it with you whenever you drive, and it must be valid. Learn more about road rules in South Australia

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