Adelaide is one of Australia’s most affordable capital cities.

Adelaide is up to 12% more affordable to live in than other major Australian cities, and has the lowest average rent in the country. With lower rent, food and public transport costs than most major Australian cities, you’ll be able to afford more of the wonderful lifestyle that Australia has to offer.

Below is an estimated overview of general weekly expenses. This is a guide only, and costs will vary depending on your lifestyle choices and needs.

Average Student Budget

To help you understand the costs, below is a sample student budget based on a single student living in a shared accommodation in the city.

  • Rent - City (Shared): AUD$300 - $600 per week
  • Utility Bill (Shared): AUD$45- $50 per week
  • Grocery: AUD$60 per week
  • Phone and internet: AUD$25 per week
  • Public Transport: AUD$15 per week
  • Entertainment: AUD$80 per week

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Student Accommodation

In Adelaide, you'll be able to enjoy various types of accommodation based on your lifestyle.

Depending on the location and type of accommodation you choose, rental prices may vary. Below is a guide to housing costs in Adelaide:

  • Residential College: The average cost per week in Adelaide is AUD$500.
  • Student Accommodation:  Between AUD$300-$600 per week.
  • Renting a room: Can cost between AUD$150-$300 per week.   
  • Renting an entire place: Private rentals could be a house, apartment or unit, and cost between AUD$400-$600 per week.
  • Homestay: This option generally includes meals, utilities and internet. The costs can range between AUD$250-$510 per week.   

Learn more about accommodation options in Adelaide.

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Public Transport

As a student in Adelaide, you’ll receive significant discounts on public transport thanks to the South Australian Government concessions.

Adelaide Metro is Adelaide’s public transport system, providing cost effective and efficient travel throughout the city and the greater metropolitan area. To travel on the public transport system, you’ll need to pay for your fare using either a MetroCARD or MetroTicket.

Tertiary students in Adelaide can enjoy unlimited travel on all bus, train and tram services with a 28-Day Pass for AUD $56.10, and primary and secondary school students for AUD $27.80.

For your convenience, Adelaide Metro also provides several free public transport options servicing the city and North Adelaide. Learn more about transport in Adelaide.


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