2018 Student Event of the Year - Singapore National Day Celebrations

This year’s student event of the year winners organised events that enriched the lives of Adelaide students, both culturally and professionally. Both events were planned and delivered through a collaboration of like-minded student associations from various universities, coming together to share the planning responsibilities. We invited the organisers to share their stories.

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Singapore National Day Celebration

Flinders University, The University of Adelaide, University of South Australia

Tell us about your event.

Our luncheon is an opportunity for fellow Singaporean students, especially those who are new to Adelaide, to network, forge new friendships and bond over our nation’s 53rd birthday. The event is also open to students from other cultures, and we were delighted to host 190 people from Singapore and many other places, including Malaysia, Australia and Germany. We also welcomed several VIP guests from the South Australian Government and Adelaide-Singapore business community.

How did you showcase Singapore at your event?

We incorporated many integral parts of Singaporean culture into our event. We provided a delicious buffet of Singaporean delights. And several talented students performed beautiful and iconic Singaporean songs, including a rousing audience sing-along. We also included fun games which showcased Singaporean humour and encouraged nostalgic banter among the guests.

What main challenges did the organisers face?

One of the biggest challenges was raising enough money to help support the event. Being a student event, we want to keep the ticket prices as low as possible, but we also want to present a high-quality occasion. In future, we hope to contact sponsors early and work to ensure our event is more financially sustainable.

What does winning this award mean to you?

It’s a lovely recognition of the hard work put in by the members of the organising committee and volunteers. I hope it will help more people to know about our event, and encourage everyone to come along next year.

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