Australian City Design College (ACDC)

Australian City Design College (ACDC) is a fully Government registered private vocational education training college. The Adelaide campus of ACDC offers comprehensive design, marketing, media and business courses to students.

We believe design and business have the power to define our lives, culture and beyond. Our design and business courses invite you to harness your imagination and participate in the innovative design courses in Adelaide and business thinking that will define the 21st century.

ACDC provides the knowledge you need to combine creativity with business sense and insight. We help you to choose the course that suits the future you can picture.

Our College exists to empower each learner with skills, knowledge, and values needed for higher programs, workforce entry, advancement, and personal enrichment. Most of all We prepare you for the real world. By the time you graduate, you’ll have the confidence and skills to apply your knowledge to the workplace or start your own design business acquired from your very own Australian school of design.

Our design courses could lead to a future in advertising, animation, industrial design, interior design, website and app design, furniture design and more. We think it’s an experience that makes the adventure worth taking. Come on, see for yourself.

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Adelaide Campus

Level 7, 118 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Open Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm

Our campuses create a perfect place to relax and socialise with people from around the world. Students have access to modern classrooms with computers, projectors and TVs, kitchen facilities including a fridge, microwave ovens, a dishwasher, kettles with free coffee and tea provided. We also offer high speed free wireless internet throughout the entire school to use with your laptop.

We are well equipped to let you create! | Our on-site Photography Studio

Students who choose to study Diploma of Screen and Media or Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media with us, will also have unlimited access to our on-site Photography Studio and professional photography and video equipment for their course-related and personal projects. The equipment we offer ranges from: Backdrops (White, Black and Green), Studio Umbrellas (White Soft Umbrella and Black & Silver Umbrella).

Let your dreams fly

Student Testimonials

Manuel Cancino


At the very first moment, I felt a warm welcome from the staff and a real need to teach the students correctly. The teachers were sincerely interested in me, and keen to find out what I wanted to achieve from the study, they helped me to understand the course subjects, such as marketing strategies, social media strategies, marketing communication plans and just to name a few. Moreover, the course is so much more than just submitting assessments.

During my time in ACDC, I have built up my own videography business, my teacher supported me with marketing plans and marketing strategies, the school helped my business grow by offering me many video-making opportunities.

Gina Fu


I must say it is probably one of the few right decisions that I’ve made in my life. Within the first two weeks of the screen and media course at ACDC, I knew it was the right place. Knowledge and skills that I’ve gained during the studies were practical and they’re something that I can use straight away and see immediate results. Words can’t describe how excited I was when I created my first poster in Photoshop. Another thing that I loved about the course was the opportunity to participate in an internship program.

Work experience in the creative industry is absolutely essential if you want to work as a designer, and as someone who had no experience, I was so glad that Australian City Design College provided me with the opportunity to have an internship with the Fintech Ecosystem Company. Intern experience has made the transition into my first paid job as a video editor at a start-up company. By the time I graduated, I’ve received enough hands-on experience that secured me a full-time position as a designer.