Mum is happy with Adelaide because it is a safe place

Zoe's mum said she chose a really, really good city because Adelaide is the safest place.  While she is missing her friends and classmates, Zoe feels lucky to be in Adelaide where walking her dog has helped her cope with isolation.

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International student Zoe from China

Tell us how things changed when you first heard about the pandemic.

I was in Adelaide over the summer break. When the Coronavirus first started, we began to stay home more even though the quarantine hadn’t officially started here yet. The news from my country was serious, so I thought prevention was a good thing to do.

How do you feel about being in Adelaide during COVID-19?

Living in Adelaide during isolation was good because we could still go out to walk and exercise near our house. I was very panicked about the Coronavirus in China because my mum works in a hospital. Thankfully, the situation in Adelaide is not as serious as in other places. I feel very lucky to live in South Australia. My mum said I chose a really, really good city because Adelaide is the safest place.

Describe how you think your living situation has impacted your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I live with my cousin and family here in Adelaide. They have made things easier for me. When the virus started, they began driving me to school, so I didn’t have to take public transport. I feel more happy and relaxed having family here. We have a dog I can take out for walks. Australian dogs are lovely.

How has the pandemic impacted your studies?

I’m studying English at the Intensive English Language Institute. When COVID-19 happened, everything changed as we began studying online. I do miss talking with everyone face-to-face. On the other hand, studying online has helped to improve my listening skills. I’m grateful to my teachers for supporting us with interesting online activities. They’ve made sure we can continue our studies while avoiding the risk of infection. I think our school has the best staff team.

How have you stayed connected with your teachers and fellow students?

I’m happy I can still talk with my teachers and classmates via Zoom and email. Our teachers have also encouraged students to call each other. And I was glad to help with a virtual tour of Adelaide where I shared my experiences and photographs of the city. We spoke with students thinking of coming here to study when the borders open again. I told them all about the wonderful scenery and friendly local people. I think if those students come here, they’ll have a beautiful experience and achieve their dreams.

What are you most looking forward to when the time comes to go back to your school?

I’m looking forward to having coffee and talking with my teachers and classmates because I really miss them.

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