A transition from international student to entrepreneur

Tianqi Yang studied at vocational college International Australian Academy (IAA) as his pathway to studied and graduated from Bachelor of Marketing at University of South Australia and is now running his own company.

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International student Tianqi Yang from China

My name is Yang Tian Qi and I graduated from the University of South Australia (UniSA) with a Bachelor of Marketing in 2015.  Before I enrolled at UniSA, I studied at the International Australian Academy.  I had wonderful study experiences and fond memories of my time at IAA.  I will never forget the friendly and helpful trainers, support and admin staff.  Studying at IAA made me feel like I was at home in 2013-2014 and I made good progress every day with my all levels of study at IAA.
I was very grateful for getting so much help from the IAA staff when I really needed their help. Here I need to mention that the articulation arrangement between IAA and UniSA is very beneficial to students. I benefited directly from this arrangement. After I graduated from IAA and enrolled at UniSA, I only needed to study another two years instead of three years. Thanks to the articulation arrangement between two education providers. Now I have PR already and use the knowledge I learned to set up my own company(Furche Wines Pty Ltd). My company is involved with exporting wine to overseas which can help Australia's economy. I think that's the best way to show my gratitude to everyone who helped me when I was a student and to the country I am living in now which I will always love.”

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