Opening doors with a StudyAdelaide mentor

When Sathwik heard about the StudyAdelaide mentor program, he thought it was a fantastic opportunity for him to seek guidance from someone who’s been studying in Adelaide for a while. He signed up and met his mentor, Amy for a coffee. We spoke to Sathwik to find out how having a mentor has helped him manage his studies and even find a job.

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International student Sathwik from India

Why did you choose to study in Adelaide?

I was an electrical engineer in India, and I wanted to study for a master’s degree. I came to Australia for a holiday a few years ago and had been to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. I really liked Adelaide for it’s quiet, peaceful vibe and I had a friend already studying here, so I chose Adelaide. This place is great.

Why did you decide to participate in the StudyAdelaide mentoring program?

My housemate told me about the program, and I decided to join because I wanted someone to help advise me on my career. I’ve just started the second semester of my two-year master’s program, so I thought it was a good time. I registered, and my mentor emailed me to see if I wanted to meet her.

What has it been like having a mentor?

It’s been great. My mentor is Amy; she’s also a student at UniSA. We met for a coffee, and she helped me with advice on how to manage my time with studying and part-time work. She also gave me some great tips on how to write and structure my assignments. Amy has also helped me by introducing me to new networks to find part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities. There’s a good chance I’m going to get a job that I wouldn’t have known about without Amy’s help.

Being from the same university as me, Amy has been able to advise me on things like the UniSA Leadership Program which I will look into as it sounds like a good opportunity to build skills and help with graduate employability.

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but we’ve met twice, and I’ve already learnt lots of things from my mentor. I know I can text or call her if I have any questions or need more advice on studying, living or getting a job.

Is the StudyAdelaide mentor program something you’d recommend to other international students?

Yes, of course. I would recommend it to all international students. When you first come here, you don’t know anything. StudyAdelaide and the mentor program helps a lot. Especially for undergraduate students who haven’t studied at university before. The mentors will guide you well and help you adjust to university life.

What would you say to students thinking about coming to Adelaide to study?

Adelaide is a very peaceful and calm city. The people here are very friendly. I love the place, especially the wineries and the beaches. It’s very affordable for international students to live and study here. And travelling is easy; everything is nearby.

About the StudyAdelaide mentor program

If you’re coming to Adelaide to study, you can register for a StudyAdelaide mentor. Your mentor is there to help you settle in and answer any questions you have about accommodation, settling in, food, culture, courses, assignments, language barriers and more. Your StudyAdelaide mentor will provide one-on-one communication and give you first-hand knowledge of their experiences as a student in Adelaide.

The StudyAdelaide mentor program is a FREE service provided for newly accepted international students about to commence study in Adelaide.

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