Footy, friends and a little BTS

When her nursing studies went online during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pranjal felt a little demotivated at first. But she says living with other students, kicking a footy in the park and listening to BTS music has helped her find her motivation and keep her focus on her studies. We spoke to Pranjal to find out more about life in Adelaide during the COVID-19 crisis.

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International student Pranjal form India

When did you arrive in Adelaide?

I arrived in late February, ready to start my Bachelor of Nursing at Flinders University. I finished high school last year and decided to come to Adelaide because it’s affordable and a calm place to study. I’m brand new to Adelaide and didn’t know anyone when I arrived.

How did you feel as the COVID-19 crisis began to grow?

First of all, I was worried about my family back home in India. After I found out they were ok, I thought about how I should manage my schedule as everything switched to online learning.

Tell us how you’ve adapted to online study.

At first, I was a little demotivated, but in some ways, it’s been easier. I’m not as nervous about raising my hand online. As time has passed, I’m getting more and more confident to interact in my online classes.

It’s been hard without practicals, but as restrictions have lifted, we’ve been able to get back to some practical learning. At this stage, I’m planning to do a placement in an aged care facility next semester. I’m pretty excited about it.

How has your university supported you during the pandemic?

Flinders University has been very supportive. Whenever I email my lecturers, they will get back to me quickly. And they offered the Matthew Flinders Scholarship, which helped the financial pressure.

Tell us about any extra-curricular activities you’ve been doing to keep busy.

I wanted to join the university football (soccer) team, but because of the pandemic, I couldn’t. But I’ve been able to go to the park to kick the footy around with friends. I’ve been playing for six years, so I’d like to keep doing it.

I’ve also been doing online exercise videos and practising my dancing. And I love listening to BTS songs. They motivate me a lot.

How has your living situation impacted your experience during the pandemic?

I actually found a friend here in Adelaide who went to the same school as me in India. We decided to rent a place together. It’s nice to have a friend from home. I got a little demotivated when we went to online study because I get inspired when I see others study. Living with friends who are also students helps a lot.

How do you feel about being in Adelaide during the pandemic?

I feel lucky to be in Adelaide compared to other parts of Australia. I feel safe here because South Australia has been one of the best in the world in managing the pandemic. I’m pretty motivated now and focusing on my studies.

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