Working part-time while studying

When Parul came to Adelaide, she was able to get a part-time job within two weeks of her arrival. Since then she’s been balancing her work and studies and has even managed to participate in an extra-curricular business challenge with other university students. We spoke to Parul to find out how she finds studying and working in Adelaide.

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International student Parul from India

What brought you to Adelaide to study?

I looked at Melbourne and Sydney but chose Adelaide because it’s affordable and is one of the best cities to live in. My friends who were already here also told me you could get a job and have a better work-life balance. I was thrilled when I got a job within two weeks of being here!

What is it like to work part-time and study full-time?

I’ve found it really manageable. I work as a Resident Assistant (RA) at Urbanest, my student accommodation in the city. I help with promotional events, managing the building and assisting students. If they accidentally get locked out, I can let them in. I’m lucky because a lot of the time when I’m on call I can still be in my room studying.

My manager is nice. She works around our other commitments as much as possible when setting the roster. I’ve already learnt so much in this job, and I’ve been trained in first aid and being a fire warden. It’s a great asset to my studies as I’m part of running a business and seeing how that works from the inside. I’m also dealing with people of all nationalities and learning customer service, which is vital to any business.

What was your first impression of Adelaide?

It’s so peaceful and such a pretty place. I am from New Delhi which is very crowded and polluted. One of the first things I did in Adelaide was to go to the beach. I live right in the city, so everything is within walking distance. It’s a five-minute walk to Rundle Mall, and if I want to go out with friends, there are lots of places nearby. I can walk along the River Torrens when I want some time to calm my mind. And my campus is in the city, so it’s perfect. It’s also really safe. You can walk at night and feel safe anywhere.

Tell me about your participation in the Adelaide Engage work experience program.

It’s a three-week program that brings together students across different universities in Adelaide to help real businesses solve real problems. My team worked with Barossa Fine Foods, a well-known and respected smallgoods company. They gave us a business scenario, and we had a mentor to guide us as we came up with our solution and strategy. The company loved what we did for them, which meant we got the certificate at the end of the program. The program doesn’t contribute to my study course, but it was a fantastic opportunity to make real business contacts here in Adelaide. I know they’re people I could talk to in the future and it’s an excellent experience to add to my resume.

What would you say to students thinking about coming to Adelaide to study?

The first thing is, it feels like home. It’s comfortable to live here and very safe. The universities here are practical and not just words and theory. You get real-world experience. It’s also a very affordable city. You get everything in Adelaide!

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