Internships, work experience and volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, gain industry experience and apply the things you're studying in a real-word workplace.

Male student volunteering at the OzAsia Festival in Adelaide

Finding an Internship and Work Experience

By completing an internship or work experience you will gain valuable industry experience and get an insight on what your future career could look like. 

Ask your lecturers or course coordinators if they know about any work experience opportunities. Or speak with the careers service staff at your university or education institution. You can also search for internships on these job search sites:

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Unpaid Internships

There are many opportunities out there for unpaid internships. However, some of these are illegal. For an unpaid student placement to be lawful, it must be a requirement of your course of study and give credit either as a compulsory subject or an elective.

Unpaid work experience, job placements or internships that aren’t a requirement of your study could be illegal. Find out more about work experience and internships.

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Volunteering Opportunities

There are many places to volunteer in Adelaide . Here is a list of websites that regularly post volunteering positions: 

You could also approach:

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Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

If you’re going to be a volunteer, you should understand your rights and responsibilities and how the Fairwork Ombudsman defines volunteering.

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Vincent's Volunteer Story

Read how Vincent became a volunteer with the State Emergency Service (SES) and what it was like here.

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Hear from international students about living and studying in Adelaide.

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