Australia is a stable, vibrant and multicultural nation with spectacular landscapes and a rich, ancient heritage.

When you arrive in Australia you will find yourself in an open-hearted country where residents enjoy a relaxed, fun loving lifestyle in a safe and unpolluted environment.

Female student and male student playing cricket on the beach

Life in Australia

Australia’s shared values are based on freedom, respect, fairness and equality of opportunity, and these values are central to our peaceful community.

Aussies are known for their friendly, easy going nature and unique sense of humour. We also have a love of the outdoors - picnics, family barbeques, parties, a day at the beach and gatherings in the park are all essential to the Australian way of life. But not much excites an Aussie more than sport.

The Australian sporting culture has been passed through generations, making for a population deeply invested in cricket, rugby, Australian Rules Football, soccer, tennis and more.

Indigenous Culture

Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have lived here for over 50,000 years. Their cultures, laws, ceremonies and connection to the land are strong and enduring. There are over 250 language, tribal or nation groups of the Indigenous peoples of Australia.

Adelaide is the traditional Country of the Kaurna people.

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Aussie Slang

Australians can be known as ‘larrikins’ because we love our unique Aussie sense of humour.

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