There are many different ways to find part-time or casual work opportunities in Adelaide.

Part-time or casual?

Part-time employees works less than 38 hours per week. They are entitled to the same benefits as full-time employees, but on a pro rata basis. Employees working part-time usually work regular hours each week.

Casual employees are less likely to have regular or guaranteed hours. They are entitled to a higher hourly pay rate, also known as ‘casual loading’, as they do not get paid sick leave or annual leave.

Applying for a job

Most jobs require you to prepare a formal written application – which includes preparing a cover letter, and your resume or CV. It is important to ensure the application is clear, concise and easy-to-read (especially your contact details!)

The Careers Service at your institution will be able to assist you with tips on writing and reviewing your resume.  Once your resume is ready, it’s time to start searching! A good start would be to explore the career services available on campus before heading online.

Searching for work

A good place to start searching for work is to explore the career services on campus before going online.  You can search the ‘Careers’ section of a company’s website for a position, where you may be able to apply online.

There are are also many job search websites, such as: seek-logo    Indeed-logo

jora-logo         jobbydoo-logo



Hari’s Part-Time Work Story


“Working part-time is the best way to gain experience, confidence and to became a team player” – Hari Krishna, India, part-time restaurant manager

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