Adelaide’s three long-established public universities have been growing in popularity among international students in the years since they were established.

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All three public universities consistently rate highly in international higher education rankings and surveys of student satisfaction. South Australia is the only Australian state in which all of its public universities appear on one or more of the major three international ranking systems. All are ranked in the top 150 in the world, in rankings relevant to the age of the University.

Flinders University and The University of South Australia also feature in the top ‘150 under 50′ listings; with Flinders University ranked at number 46, and University of South Australia is ranked at number 57 in the world.

With a focus for research centres where industry, higher education and government work together on projects of national and international importance, the three public universities have been joined by two of the world’s best universities to Adelaide: American based Carnegie Mellon University and the United Kingdom’s University College London; further boosting Adelaide’s status as an education hub. Both have been joined by Torrens University. These three universities have created an international university precinct in the centre of the city and have reinforced Adelaide’s reputation as a true education hub