Adelaide has a place for you

In Adelaide, you can choose from six world-class universities, a range of quality vocational and higher education colleges, and approximately 200 schools with international student programs. Whatever you want to study, Adelaide has a place for you.



At university, you’ll typically study for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Adelaide’s six universities all rank in the top 150 in the world and offer a range of courses and study options.


Pathways to University

If you can’t get direct entry into university, a university pathway program can help. University pathways are designed to provide an alternative entry point and are suitable for students from varying educational backgrounds.


Higher education

Higher education programs offer you education options in a range of specialist study areas. These courses tend to have an academic focus and can range across several qualification levels.


Vocational education and training (VET)

Adelaide’s VET providers offer courses to build job-specific skills across a wide range of industries.


Learning English

If you need to learn or improve your English language, Adelaide has many specialist courses available.



South Australian schools provide quality education from pre-school to senior secondary school. There is a range of school types including government, independent and Catholic schools.