The School was established in January 1974 through the amalgamation of Girton Girls’ School and King’s College, a school for boys. The founding schools were small, neighbouring, independent schools of quality and have a combined history dating back to 1915. Pembroke School is non-denominational and has a philosophy that is based on Christian principles.

The School motto, Ex Unitate Vires – Out of Unity, Strength – reflects the historical origins, with the uniting of the two schools, and their belief in the value of co-education.

Pembroke School aims:

  • To offer students the means to develop a broad and deep knowledge base thus enabling them to act effectively as well-informed citizens.
  • To create a dynamic learning community which encourages self-management, curiosity, intellectual rigour, enjoyment, innovation and the exploration of each individual’s potential.
  • To facilitate the social, physical and emotional development of each student emphasising personal growth, integrity, respect for differences in people, resilience, an appreciation of the environment, a sense of social responsibility and care for others.
  • To encourage the exploration of students’ spiritual values and their power to make ethical decisions.
  • To promote thoughtful, respectful and informed participation in the community locally, nationally and internationally with an emphasis on seeking justice for all.
Contact Details
Telephone Number+61 8 8366 6217