City Language Centre (CLC)

Learning at City Language Centre is not just about the classroom, it is also about meeting people from other countries, making friends with different backgrounds, sharing multiculture and enjoying Australian life together.

CLC Adelaide believes that we can encourage ideas, inspire curiosity and spark the desire for knowledge in students. 

With our passionate team, we seek to guide our students through their journey of learning. 

We always focus on getting students curious about discovering knowledge for themselves, and focusing on their interests, inherent skills and natural talents.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream! 

Many people say it’s easier to learn a language when you are young but there are advantages to learning a language when you are older. 

Study at City Language Centre in Adelaide, and you will speak English like a local faster than you ever imagined. 

Charlemagne once said, “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” 

Learning a new language gives you the chance to be a different person if you want to. 

Make the most of that chance. 

Making mistakes is a natural part of the language learning process. 

The key is to learn from these mistakes. 

Don’t be afraid to try out new things in English but always remember to reflect on them and decide what was successful and what you need to keep working on. 

Remember, it is possible to communicate big ideas with relatively limited language. 

Don’t feel like you need perfect English before you can go out and have interesting conversations with other people.

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City Language Centre Adelaide Campus provides a wide range of practical English language courses, delivered by fully qualified and professional teachers. 

The student lounge is the perfect place to relax and socialise with people from all around the world. 

Students have access to kitchen facilities, microwave ovens, a coffee machine, and computers. 

There is also free wireless internet in every classroom to relax with your laptop.

One of the most unique elements at City Language Centre is our simulated café area, reception and student lounge all bundled together. 

Students can make their own tea and coffee, ask reception anything they would like to know and also enjoy their own meals.



  • City Language Centre has opened a brand new campus in Adelaide
  • Offers English language programs for international students

Student Stories

Hear from international students about living and studying in Adelaide at City Language Centre Adelaide.

Carlos, Gygy and Honey


“Our school is very fun and exciting. There are excursions every week and not to the same places. School excursions are educational activities that take place outside the school, as they represent a change in the daily routine. Our teacher is very kind and searches for different excursion types. For that reason every 2 weeks we are looking forward to a new excursion. And the staff give us information that is not in the textbook, so it’s fantastic! And we have more chance to speak English with native speakers. We really like going out with the school because most excursions are free. Normally, sites of historical, cultural, environmental or social interest are chosen, such as a museum, a theatre or a library, etc.” (Written by students, Carlos, Gygy and Honey)