Get ready for Adelaide

Leaving home to live and study in Australia can be an exciting and challenging experience.  Adelaide is an easy and relaxing place to live and study.

To prepare for your arrival in Adelaide and facilitate a smooth transition, here are some resources available for you.

Student Guide and App

The StudyAdelaide Student Guide is here to help you make the most of your time in Adelaide. Providing you with information on everything from accommodation, working and shopping to entertainment, it will help make your first months in Adelaide as an international student as stress-free as possible.

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Mentor Program

StudyAdelaide's Mentor Program is a free service provided to newly accepted international students about to commence study in Adelaide.

Join our Mentor Program to be matched with a current student already in Adelaide who can answer questions you may have with regard to accommodation, acclimatisation, food, culture, courses, assignments or language barriers; to name a few.

Learn more and register for a Mentor.

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Airport Welcome Desk

StudyAdelaide's Welcome Desk at Adelaide Airport welcomes you as you begin your education journey in Adelaide.

You'll find our Airport Welcome Desk located during peak times outside International Arrival on the ground floor. It is staffed by our team of student ambassadors and our friends from ANZ Bank and Vodafone Australia.

Our Airport Welcome Desk will be operating in 2020 during peak times from 20 January to 27 January and 14 February to 1 March.

Register your details here so we can ensure our booth is staffed during your arrival.

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Student Stories

Hear from international students about living and studying in Adelaide.

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