One of the hardest parts of finding a job is knowing where to look. Here are some ideas to help you with your search:

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JobShop and Employment Opportunities in Adelaide

StudyAdelaide has launched JobShop, a platform that has 100s of part-time and casual jobs for international students in Adelaide available right now. 

Visit JobShop here.

We have also compiled a list of companies that have been actively hiring over recent months. 

Follow this link to learn more about positions available. New opportunities are added as they arise.

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Job Search Websites

A great first step to take when finding a job is to look at job search websites. Here's a list of some common job search sites to get you started:

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Networking is a great way to meet people in your industry and find out about job opportunities. Building professional networks is an excellent way to:

  • Share ideas and information
  • Get noticed and known by peers and employers
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn about industry opportunities and job vacancies
  • Develop your self-confidence

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Networking in Person

There are many ways to network in person, such as attending conferences and events for people in your industry.

Tips for networking in person:

  • Be friendly and approach with a smile
  • Ease your way into a conversation by listening and asking a relevant question of the group
  • Listen and show interest in what others are saying
  • If you have business cards, give them to people so they can remember who you are
  • When you’re talking to someone, say their name to show you’re listening (and to help you remember it)
  • Whether you’re shy or outgoing, be yourself and don’t try to be someone you’re not

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Networking Online

For online networking, you need to be on LinkedIn. It’s a powerful business network where you can ‘meet’ industry colleagues and build your personal brand. LinkedIn is also a popular job search site where employers often advertise vacant positions.

Tips for networking on LinkedIn:

  • Make sure you complete your entire profile, and always include a photo (don’t leave this blank)
  • Include all your experience, even unpaid internships, volunteer work such as with student clubs or events
  • Start building LinkedIn connections with people you already know
  • When you reach out to connect with someone new, always include a personalised message to remind them of how you met or tell them why you want to connect with them
  • Look for LinkedIn Groups relevant to your professional experience or goals
  • Show support by commenting on your connection’s status or sharing job listings and other interesting posts
  • Share your thoughts by updating your status with what you’ve been up to, sharing an interesting article or other insight your network might find interesting

Ask your colleagues or lecturers if there are any relevant online networking platforms in your industry. Your industry association or peak body may run these.

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Careers Service

Your university or education institution may have a careers service or job board you can use. Ask your student advisor where you can find help in finding and applying for jobs. And be sure to check if your university or university union is hiring. There are often lots of job opportunities on campus.

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Company Websites

Check out the ‘Careers’ or ‘Employment’ page of the websites of business that often have part-time or casual jobs available, such as:

  • Supermarkets (like Coles and Woolworths)
  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Convenience stores

For government jobs, keep an eye on:

Even if the company you want to work for isn’t advertising right now, you might impress them by sending your resume anyway (but be sure to include a cover letter introducing who you are and why they should hire you).

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