The Welcome Dinner Project invites you to come along to meet new friends, try new foods, and celebrate your culture in a space of love, respect and listening.

As an international student, it can be hard to meet new people and develop friendship groups when you first arrive in Australia. By attending a Welcome Dinner, you’ll meet people from many cultural backgrounds and form a stronger connection to your new community.

What is a Welcome Dinner?

Welcome Dinners are held in homes all over Adelaide to introduce people who are new to South Australia to other members of the local community.

As an international student, you can attend a Welcome Dinner to get to know new people, learn about your neighbourhood and share stories and food from many cultures.

Since the Welcome Dinner Project started in 2013, over 500 Welcome Dinners have been held featuring many delicious dishes and endless laughter and enjoyment for over 10,000 people like you.

Welcome Dinners are friendly, delicious and so much fun!

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How does it work?

Welcome Dinners are held in the home of a local host and usually have about eight established Australians and eight newly arrived members of the community attending (such as international students, immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees). We also send two trained facilitators to help support the group and lead any activities.

Welcome Dinners are usually held on a Friday or Saturday night, or a Saturday or Sunday lunch. Each guest (including you) is asked to bring a dish to share so everyone can contribute to the feast. (There is no alcohol at Welcome Dinners.)

Welcome Dinners are an excellent way to meet people from your new community in a happy, safe and supported environment.

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How to join a Welcome Dinner

To attend a Welcome Dinner, please register your details so we can let you know about the next event in your area.

When the next local dinner is scheduled, we’ll send you an email to see if you’d like to come along.

If you choose to come, all you need to do is prepare a dish to share on the night (maybe a recipe from your home country) and come to the host’s home at the scheduled time.

Feel free to tell your fellow students and other friends about the Welcome Dinners and ask them to register themselves if they’d like to come along too.

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Join us at our next Welcome Dinner

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