Your children will love Adelaide as much as you do.

Attractions for children

Adelaide Zoo

Your kids will love a day at Adelaide Zoo. They’ll be able to visit the pandas in the Bamboo Forrest, feed the animals in the Children’s Zoo or play in Nature’s Playground. And for a taste of the African Plains, you can take a day trip to Monarto Zoo, about an hour’s drive from the city.


Local Councils

No matter where you live in Adelaide, your local library is great for kids. Many libraries offer story time for babies and preschoolers, and study resources for older children. Make sure you contact your local council to see what’s on offer for kids in your neighbourhood.


More information

Find information on schools and healthcare for your children.


Adelaide is the only city in the world entirely encircled by parks, so for Adelaide kids, the world truly is their playground! There are playgrounds for all ages and interests, with lots of opportunities for nature play, bike riding and all kinds of fun.



If you have preschool aged children, getting involved in a local playgroup is a great way to meet new friends (for both you and your kids). Playgroups are a community of parents, grandparents and caregivers who meet once a week for fun and play. Your local council or church group may run a playgroup, or you can find one through Playgroup SA.