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Adelaide Student Housing is StudyAdelaide’s student accommodation portal for over 18-year-olds.
The site has been designed to make it quick and easy for international students to find, compare
and apply directly to their preferred student housing provider in Adelaide, South Australia.


When it comes to picking a place to live, you have a range of options including purpose-built student housing, self-managed rentals and homestay options.

In Adelaide, most students choose to live in and around the city centre. If your campus is in the city, you’ll find it easy to get to and from your classes by walking, riding your bike or catching the free inner-city tram.

There are also plenty of options available if you want to live in the suburbs, or if you’re campus is located out of the city. With public transport covering the entire metropolitan area, you’re never more than a bus, train or tram ride from home.

You may want to consider choosing a high-quality South Australian Student Accommodation Association (SASAA) member for your student housing.

Finding a house to suit you

To help you find your best accommodation, StudyAdelaide has created the Adelaide Student Housing website. The site makes it quick and easy for you to find, compare and apply directly for your accommodation. If you are over the age of 18, you can search for a variety of quality student housing providers.

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Cost of student housing

In Adelaide, you’ll enjoy student housing costs that are more affordable than most other Australian capital cities. Below is a guide to housing costs in Adelaide:

Hostels and Guesthouses – $90 to $150 per week

Shared Rental – $85 to $215 per week

On campus – $90 to $280 per week

Homestay – $235 to $325 per week

Rental – $165 to $440 per week

Boarding schools – $11,000 to $22,000 a year

(Source: Living costs in Australia – Study in Australia)


Purpose-built student housing

University -managed housing

Some universities offer you the option of university-managed housing, with a variety of inclusions and facilities. These are usually located either on-campus or close to campus with fully-furnished accommodation. University-managed accommodation typically includes some (or all) meals and utilities in the cost of your rent (so it’s easy to budget your living expenses). They will often have staff on-site offering assistance for students.

Residential colleges

If this is your first time living away from home, you may want to choose a residential college to help you with the transition to independence. Residential colleges will typically offer you:

  • A private fully-furnished room
  • Tutorial programs and study support
  • Pastoral care and a welcoming community
  • Fully catered meals in dining halls and shared communal kitchens

Residential colleges provide a welcoming, diverse and inclusive community where you will be supported to do your best. With social event and activities, it’s a place where you’ll make lifelong friends.

Commercial student apartments

There are some privately owned student apartments for you to choose from in Adelaide. These are located off-campus and offer a variety of facilities and accommodations styles and facilities, including fully-furnished rooms.

Student hostels

Student hostels offer you an affordable housing option where you’ll be responsible for paying rent, preparing your meals and sharing the costs of utilities such as gas, water and electricity. Most hostels include a furnished bedroom (either private or shared) with access to communal facilities such as bathroom, laundry, kitchen and lounges.


Self-managed housing

Private rentals

If you’d prefer to have more independence, you can rent a property either on your own or with friends. If you choose this option, you’ll be responsible for all utility costs and preparing all your meals. Though you can find fully or partially-furnished private rentals, usually you are responsible for providing your furniture. Find out more about your rights as a tenant.


A homestay is an option where you can live with a local Australian family in their home. This arrangement will usually include a furnished room and meals, and access to cooking, laundry and internet facilities. Homestays allow you to improve your English language skills and experience Australian culture and lifestyle. This is a particularly good option for students under 18 years of age, or students coming to Adelaide to study at secondary school level. If you are a school student, check with your school for homestay or boarding options.


More information

One of the best ways to start looking is to speak to your university, college or school to find out what accommodation options they recommend for their students.

For more information on university accommodation options, please visit:

And don’t forget to check out the Adelaide Student Housing website for a comprehensive list of your accommodation options in Adelaide.

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