In 2021 Adelaide was voted most liveable city in Australia, friendliest city in Australia and one of the world’s best cities for students. Adelaide welcomes international students from over 120 countries who enjoy the unique mix of culture, natural beauty, thriving industries and new experiences available year round.

Imagine your life in the world's third most liveable city!

 Adelaide offers everyone a warm welcome. The capital city of South Australia, Adelaide has all the benefits of a major cosmopolitan centre, but with a relaxed, friendly and multicultural setting. You will be valued as a new member of the community from when you arrive and amazed at the lifestyle you can lead and the network you can build.

Adelaide is one of Australia’s more affordable cities. Our cost of living is up to 14% lower than other major Australian cities and international students receive discounted public transport costs. Less living expenses means more money to spend enjoying the city – and that matters when there is a lively restaurant and bar scene, world-class festivals, galleries, markets and so much more to explore.

Travel from the vibrant city-centre to pristine beaches, scenic hiking trails and the Adelaide Hills all within 20 minutes. The city of Adelaide is surrounded by parklands, so you can study and work in the city and walk to the relaxing Botanic Gardens and Riverbank minutes later.

Finally getting out and about in Adelaide

As the COVID-19 restrictions lift, Asirah says she’s happy to see a new side of life in Adelaide as she gets out to explore the city and its attractions with friends. We spoke to Asirah to find out how she coped during the pandemic lockdown and why she’s excited to get back on campus in the second half of 2020.