Meet Jean, an international student from the Philippines who has a passion for singing and radio commentary. Jean decided to study a graduate certificate in teaching English as a second language at Flinders University and hopes to fulfill her dream in becoming a speech pathologist.

When she’s not studying, she’s volunteering at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital helping young children improve their speech. A true inspiration.



Vivek from India says moving to Adelaide for his study three years ago was the best decision he’s ever made. After completing a degree at Carnegie Mellon University, he landed a business intelligence consultant position at a South Australian government organisation.

The University of South Australia

The Amazing Ambassador – Dan from Qingdao, China – takes a campus tour at the University of South Australia, with international director at the university Gabrielle Rolan talking about the practical skills that students can learn at the university.

2015 International Student Awards

At the end of 2015, StudyAdelaide farewelled graduating students and and awarded students for their outstanding commitment to their studies at the 2015 International Student Awards and Governor’s Farewell at Government House.

Amazing Ambassador: Unforgettable Experience

The Amazing Ambassador contest was created by StudyAdelaide to engage with new students in China and to promote Adelaide as a study destination. We called for students to apply for the role of Ambassador, with winner Dan Wang from Qingdao Agricultural University, chosen out of over 800 applicants.

Flinders University

Amazing Ambassador Dan from Qingdao, China visited several of the different campuses of Flinders University. Though the new campus was still being built, she saw a robot, and visited the university’s industrial design office; seeing many new and very creative product designs.


The Amazing Ambassador from Qingdao took a tour of TAFE SA, even getting involved in a jewelry design workshop and trying on dresses being created by students studying fashion design.

ELICOS Sports day

Once a year, StudyAdelaide invites students from English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) providers to compete in a sports day. A fun day out filled with games and activities, students of all skill levels are invited to attend.


Adelaide is the best city to live, enjoy and study. An affordable city with high quality educational institutions and excellent work life balance, there are many things to see and do in this city of festivals and events.

The University of Adelaide

Our Amazing Ambassador Dan from Qingdao, China, takes a campus tour at the University of Adelaide during Open Day. Different schools set up their booths to show their outstanding designs or showcase work, with teachers or professors guiding students and parents to engage with their activities.


Hoang from Vietnam is studying a Bachelor of Engineering in Robotics and Electronics at Flinders University. Learn out more about the state of art technology he uses in his degree, and why he loves the city living and connection with nature that Adelaide offers.


Iori is a Japanese student who chose to improve her English studies at the English Language Centre at The University of Adelaide. In the next few months, she plans to commence her degree in Politics and Asian studies at The University.


Park from South Korea first came to Adelaide to study English at CELUSA. He enjoyed his time so much that he enrolled into a health science program at SAIBT which will pathway into second year university degree at University of South Australia


Fei is a Chinese student who chose to study at Henley High School, a South Australian Government School which is a stone’s throw away from some of Adelaide’s most popular beaches. She has improved her English so much so that she now even thinks in English and is hoping to continue her tertiary studies in Adelaide.


Meet Ben from Beijing, China who takes us through his journey in Adelaide as an international student. Ben studied a Master of Engineering and chose to move to South Australia because of its outstanding academic standard.

Ben shares his tips for juggling full-time work at Parsons Brinckerhoff and part-time postgraduate study at the University of Adelaide.


Meet Donna from Malaysia who chose to further her skills in hospitality and management at TAFE SA. Donna feels Adelaide is a home away from home and loves discovering new places that the city has to offer.


Geda is one of the founding members of The Lazy Cafe in Glenelg. Opened and operated by four Chinese students living and learning in Adelaide, it helped these students pay their way through university by providing them with flexible employment that fitted in with their busy University schedules.


After completing a high school exchange program in Adelaide as a teenager, Ming longed to return to South Australia once again. He applied to study at the University of Adelaide after he returned home, and now works part time at the Adelaide Central Markets and studies at the University in Adelaide.


As well as studying at University, Dhenesh has found a love of Australian Rules football. Take a look at Dhenesh’s story in this great video.


Meet Deepak from Nepal who completed his Masters in Social Work from Flinders University and plays cricket for the University of Adelaide.

Deepak’s involvement in sport has helped him to meet new people and make life-long friendships in Adelaide. He coaches current Nepalese international students in the sport once a week as a way to give back to the local community..