For off-campus living there are opportunities to rent various forms of accommodation, short term and long term…

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    Rental Basics

    Many students prefer independent living so there are plenty of rental flats and share houses available. A share house can often be more affordable and gives you a great chance to make new friends and ...more

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    Rental Rights

    Before signing make sure you understand the contract and are happy with its terms and conditions. If in doubt, ask a friend who speaks good English to help or phone the Translating and Interpreting Se...more

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    Fixed or Unfixed Leases

    Fixed term lease If you plan to stay in South Australia a while you might like to consider a fixed-term lease. This means the landlord cannot ask you to leave before the end of the agreed period (un...more

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    Tips for renting

    What is a rental contract? This is also called a lease or a Rental Tenancy Agreement. It explains the rights and responsibilities of you and your landlord and says how much rent you need to pay and ho...more