Tips to save money

Studying overseas can be expensive. Here we give you our top ten tips to save money in Adelaide.

1. Use your student ID card

Students in Adelaide can get concessions at the movies, sporting events, on public transport and even some book stores. So when you are shopping don’t forget to flash your ID card.

2. Buy secondhand furniture 

Adelaide has some good secondhand furniture shops on Unley Road, Magill Road and Port Road.  Most secondhand furniture shops will deliver furniture for you so ask them if they will include delivery in the price. Check out the Gumtree and Trading Post websites.

3. Save your cans and bottles

South Australia is the only state in Australia that provides refunds for empty cans and bottles. If you return them to your local depot they’ll give 10c for every can and bottle marked ‘10c deposit’ you return. Visit Recycle SA for more information.

4. Go to the movies on a Tuesday

If you would like to see the latest movies, and let’s face it who doesn’t like going to the movies, go on Tuesday as it will be cheaper than any other day of the week. This applies to all cinemas in the city and the suburbs. Try Greater UnionWallis and Hoyts.

5. Save electricity in the home

When appliances are switched off at the power button but left on at the wall, they may use some energy called ‘standby’ power. Standby power can account for around 5% of electricity wastage in the home. Switch appliances, such as TV’s, videos, stereos, microwaves, washing machines and computers, off at the wall when not in use – it’s an easy way to save energy, money and reduce your impact on the environment.

6. Ride a bike to get around

Adelaide is a great city for cycling and you can even get FREE bike hire. Adelaide City Bikes can be hired from:

  • Bicycle SA 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide Contact (08) 8168 9999
  • Adelaide Traveller’s Inn 220 Hutt Street, Adelaide Contact (08) 8224 0753 Open 7 days 8am – 7pm
  • Wild Thyme Organic Café 101-103 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide Contact (08) 8361 8888Open 7days 9am – 5pm
  • Rundle Street Market Between Frome Rd & Hutt St, Adelaide Contact (08) 8203 7203 Sundays 9am – 4pm 

7. Get a student to cut your hair

Adelaide has various hairdressing academies where you can get cheap haircuts from the hairdressing students. Clip Joint and Shermans Academy of Hairdressing are just two in the city centre.

8. Buy the Entertainment Book

This is a restaurant and activity guide that provides special 25 to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers from many of the best restaurants, hotels and attractions throughout Australia, including of course, Adelaide. The books are available through fund-raising groups, organisations and corporations as a member benefit or fund-raiser, for example the SA Cancer Council

9. Buy petrol on Tuesday

Often on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, petrol is cheaper than at any other time of the week. Buying petrol on a Tuesday or Wednesday will likely result in a saving of between 5-10cents per litre. Check out MotorMouth to find the cheapest petrol near you

10. Register for your free StudyAdelaide membership

Throughout the year StudyAdelaide puts on FREE events, gives away tickets to movies, the arts and sporting events and runs competitions with prizes including cash. Register now for your StudyAdelaide membership.